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Cesar Agredano - 21 - Sociology - Starbucks - Long Beach California


Childish Gambino - Sweatpants


Childish Gambino - Sweatpants

"Furniture custom, you shop at IKEA
So Maserati, you whipping a Kia
Spending this money, it’s longer than Nia
Live like a Coppola, me and Sofia
Waking up broke, man, wouldn’t wanna be ya
Friends with the dope man, help a nigga re-up
Bring a girlfriend, man, trouble when I see her
“Err-err-err-err”: onomatopoeia, oh, I got my cool on! (Tell ‘em, mane)
I’m winning so they had to dump the Gatorade
And I don’t give a fuck about my family name”

Ocean Blvd, Long Beach California

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Listen! I’m Naota!

Don’t ever call me “Takkun” again!

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